Boardmember Francesca Simeon Roig Spain

Why am I active in IASK

I believe that in our profession it is increasingly necessary to support each other to promote kinesiology and enrich ourselves together. For this reason, I have chosen to be at IASK because it is a good place to meet and share knowledge and experiences among kinesiologists from all different branches of kinesiology and around the world.

About me as a kinesiologist, my business

Modalities used: TFH Synthesis, TFH Proficiency, TFH Metaphors, LEAP, Physiology Integrated, Kinergetics, Reset, Psycho-energetic Kinesiology, Kinesiology of behavior and human relationships, Vibrational Healing, Bach Flowers.
Modalities taught: TFH Synthesis, TFH Proficiency, TFH Metaphors, Kinergetics, Reset, etc. With my husband Juan Carlos Monge we developed two forms of work in Kinesiology, “Psycho-energetic Kinesiology” and “Kinesiology of behavior and human relationships” what I teach.

Long Description:

I have known the kinesiology since 1986 and fascinated me from the first balance. Answer so many questions and I have so many resources to help me and accompany others. Since I started working with myself and I changed deeply, I have not stopped learning Kinesiology to grow and to transmit what has served me so much. For me it is to harmonize our physical, our emotions, our chemical problems, our structural concerns, our energy, our vital essence; so treat the person as much as possible.
Other titles: a full-time Kinesiology practitioner since 1988 and Kinesiology professor since 1994, owner and director of Kinesiology Life Kinesiology School. Qualified in MTC. Bachelor in Psychology.