How can we model connection, communication, harmony in our community?

Go beyond tolerance to acceptance
Being a centralized location of communication and communicating properly; who’s teaching what classes? Where? Reducing conflict and interference. Tactic: using the calendar in the IASK site so you can see what’s going on. Educating members to check this and be respectful. All national associations could be doing this.
Meeting together as representatives from different countries – gathering to talk. Face to face connections.
Responding to things from a place of harmony and love and giving ourselves time to calm down before responding to an email.
Remember: Kinesiology is a communication tool. That itself is a principle – using the tools that we have when we are engaging – modelling our own tools to keep ourselves balanced and centered.
It is our job to facilitate connections – whole purpose of an org like IASK: creating connections where the average people are – Facebook, LinkedIn
Clarity of messages we put out into the world
Acting in an ethical way in all situations; how will my actions be perceived?
Setting clear boundaries: what happens when an organization does not fall within the boundaries, what do we do? Sometimes ‘policing’ is what is needed to maintain harmony. Without fear of losing members – highest good
Actually replying to emails. Answering questions and offering feedback. Making people feel heard.
Actively going to the associations and schools and asking them to join us. Making a point of making contact.
Create a Facebook group or slack group especially for schools to allow them to communicate with each other and welcome them in. Work with the database: curriculum and hour requirements for schools etc. Compare and see how the are doing in relation to each other, sharing marketing strategies, etc.
Actively engaging. Being proactive rather than reactive when communicating with each other.