About IASK

    About the IASK association

    IASK is a global community of Kinesiologists. We acknowledge and value our deep inter-connectedness, and know that the vitality of any individual or organisation is enhanced when those connections are facilitated and honoured.

    We aim to bring together educators, national organisations and kinesiology practitioners because we believe that coming together to communicate and collaborate creates insight, support and growth for all involved.

    IASK Values

    IASK values communication and collaboration that unites kinesiology practitioners, schools and organisations across the globe. We believe that professional unity creates insight, support, growth and development.

    IASK stands as an independent, worldwide kinesiology organisation. We aim to bring together all kinesiology professionals that support high moral and ethical standards of practice to create a platform and basis of practice that promotes respect and trust.

    We value the positive, life giving energy that exists within all living things, and choose to support openhearted business practices that work in harmony with our values.

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