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Kinesiologist: Are you a professional practitioner that values being part of something bigger. Becoming a member of IASK could offer:

  • connection to a worldwide body of professional support.
  • opportunities to enrich and expand your skills.
  • increased visibility and credibility for your practice.

Educators: You support and grow our professions’ newest professionals. We invite you to lean into a community of support where you can:

  • connect with and learn from educators around the world.
  • offer extra credibility, value and opportunities to your students.
  • expand the potential of your work.

Associations: International collaboration helps to create public respect, trust and professional growth. Connect your association into:

  • a broader conversation with other kinesiology associations around the world.
  • data around professionalism in other countries.
  • current updates on conferences, training and legislation.

Click here to see the table that shows the benefits associated to each type of membership.

When i join IASK I grow my feeling of integrity- I know I have support, all over the world by colleges

To join IASK make big improvent for me personal and professional


Connection, Integrity & Vitality

+ Extra value word for 2023: Synergy


Collaboration, heart-to-heart, sharing, communication, insight, development, support, unity

Connection (defn)

the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.

Brené Brown.

IASK values communication and collaboration that unites kinesiology practitioners, schools and organisations across the globe.  We believe that professional unity creates insight, support, growth and development.

Connection in Action

  1. Memberships for schools, associations and individuals
  2. Working groups that involve any interested member of the association
  3. International Meetings of Associations
  4. Collaboration with Knowlative and country specific organisations
  5. Online Mingle Link-ups
  6. Online Directory
  7. Choice of banking that has offices in many countries


Transparency, Independence, Professionalism, responsibility, trust, respect, accountability

Integrity (defn)

The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.

The state of being whole and undivided.

Oxford Online Dictionary

IASK stands as an independent, worldwide kinesiology organisation. We aim to bring together all kinesiology professionals that support high moral and ethical standards of practice to create a platform and basis of practice that promotes respect and trust.

Integrity in Action:

  1. Impartial International Association
  2. Ethics agreement for members
  3. Guidance for e-learning
  4. International meeting of associations
  5. Open discussions between schools
  6. Gathering of research?
  7. Support for research?

Vitality (defn)

the state of being strong and active;

the power giving continuance of life present in all things.

Oxford Online Dictionary

We value the positive, life giving energy that exists within all living things, and choose to support openhearted business practices that work in harmony with our values.

Vitality in Action:

  1. Supporting energy and vitality is part of the key Principles and Practice of Kinesiology
  2. International Meeting of Associations
  3. Meetings at times that support various time zones
  4. Drawing on the unique skills of each individual
  5. E-platforms for simplicity of communication and organisation (Asana and Google Drive)

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