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“Connecting Communities” Kinesiology Conference in Tenerife AND Online


JOIN THE WORLD-WIDE COMMUNITY OF MUSCLE RESPONSE TESTERS FOR 1 WEEK OF CELEBRATION At the beginning of the pandemic we decided to work hard to connect people alone in their houses. Our 1st event was a huge wave of warm and kindness that crossed all the globe! Last year, in our conference “New Solutions for […]

UK KF Spring Conference March 2023

Edinburgh Holyrood Road, Edinburgh

Will you be joining us for our Spring Conference in Edinburgh on March 28th 2023. We are visiting the beautiful city of Edinburgh and the wonderful Dynamic Earth at Holyrood Road, Edinburgh EH8 8AS. Dynamic Earth is a unique Earth based venue set in Holy Rood,adjacent to Holyrood park, set in 650 acres of spectacular […]

April – Cup of Coffee with IASK


Sabine Rosén will host this IASK event which will allow us to share our knowledge, thoughts and experience about the Female Hormone System. Sabine will share which herbal medicine remedies which are effective with these issues. All participants are invited to share knowledge, techniques, tips...and discuss. Read more about Sabine here Reserve your spot here


May – Cup of Coffee with IASK


Come and join us for this free event: Wes Paterson, one of IASK's Instructor members, will share his Sleep Better Now System™ and show how it incorporates into the A Systems Approach to Individual & Organizational Wellness™ model / framework. More about Wes This event is free for everyone. Any material (including things like slides, […]


June – IASK Cup of Coffee


Join us for this free event where we will meet, discuss, share experiences, techniques and stories all round treating anxiety issues. Our board member Irina Chobanou will be there to open the event.   Read more about Irina here.   Reserve your spot here.

Joint Anchor Technique 1 auf DEUTSCH


Joint Anchor Technique bietet viele Möglichkeiten und das Gute ist: Diese Methode lässt sich auch online vermitteln und eignet sich gut für Selbst- und Fernbalancen! Sie haben die Möglichkeit, intensiv von zu Hause aus zu lernen und sind dabei zeitlich noch flexibler. Joint Anchor Technique ist auf dem Konzept basiert, dass jede nachhaltige Heilung einen […]

September – IASK Cup of Coffee


Join us in this free event where Heidi Johnson will tell us about EMMETT Technique, which is a light touch Neuromuscular technique, and how she integrates it as corrections in Kinesiology treatments Read more about Heidi   Reserve your spot here.

Joint Anchor Technique 2 auf DEUTSCH


In diesem Kurs lernt man faszinierende Erweiterungen der Techniken aus Joint Anchor 1 (JAT 1) kennen und anzuwenden. Zusätzlich erweitert man sein Repertoire an spezifischen Werkzeugen.  Die Kursteilnehmer werden ermutigt ihre individuellen Heilungsstile zu erkennen und zu pflegen und weitere Techniken gemäß der Joint Anchor Technik zu entwickeln.  Joint Anchor 2 enthält Techniken, die sich […]

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