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Harmonizing QI Flow 1


Harmonizing QI Flow 1 This Kinesiology strand is based on the research and work of Japanese physician and respected researcher Yoshio Manaka. Ondrej Bursik wrote these courses over 12 years with the help of Acupuncturists trained in both Chinese and Japanese approaches to working with Qi flow and disharmony. In 2021 the HCF Workshops have […]

World Mental Health Day


World Mental Health Day 10th October 2024 Join IASK and CanBeWell as we create the space for all of us to raise awareness about our tools and self-empowerment opportunities for Mental Health. We are endeavouring to bring awareness to how our tools can assist others. There will be 3 1 1/2hr events from across the […]



Although the IASK board keeps the day to day running, in reality, IASK is a community of kinesiologists. You are welcome at any point to get involved in a working group, but this is your opportunity to decide who you want directing the community and comment on any of the decisions made over the last […]

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–       Conferences and AGMs for member Associations

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–       Natural Health classes of interest to SK practitioners, such as Anatomy/Physiology courses

–       Events promoting SK, such as those arranged for International SK Week

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