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Antonietta Bowles – TFH Practitioner

Kinesiology, Gut Health & Natural Nutrition


I initially qualified as a Touch for Health Practitioner in 1998, since then I have completed many of the Touch for Health courses such as:

  • Vibrational Healing,
  • TFH Metaphors and goal Setting,
  • Muscles for Movement,
  • 5 Elements,
  • TFH Training 8 day workshop (Instructor Course)

My clinic is in Maidenhead, Berkshire, UK.

I combine my Kinesiology Practice with Natural Nutrition.  I studied under Barbara Wren, College of Natural Nutrition where my passion for food and how it can raise or deplete the body really came into it's own.

I am currently updating myself through the College of Functional Wellness which is updating me on Nutritional Sciences and updating my knowledge here and the Functional Kinesiology modality with is a very targeted approach looking a the Hormonal Triangle of Health - a great eye opener.

I believe there is always more room from improvement and love to be around like minded people.

Through these experiences and in COVID times I channelled my energy into creating a 30 day programme to support people through food and kinesiology practices over Zoom.

I run my Heal your Gut 30 Day Programme once a year and Seasonal 6 day Gut Health cleanses and resets throughout the year.

What's coming up?


30th Oct 2023 - Autumn 6 Day Reset (online)

This closely follows the Full Moon in Taurus, where we will be looking at our body messages, listening to our intuition and practicing "What do I need today". Being present to the moment and tapping into the guide of nature and how we need to slow it down. Guiding you for 6 days with recipes to help restore and repair as we go into the colder months, talks and posts to educate along the way.

I hope you can join me!

8th - 14th Jan 2023 - Winter 6 Day Reset (online)

Travelling over the New Moon on the 11th in Capricorn. Looking at new beginnings, what do we want for our health and listening to the body again. 6 days of learning different things: natural rhythms and us, the energy body clock, hormones explained and much more.

19th Feb-19th March ~ 30-day Heal you Gut Programme (online)

The glorious cleanse and reset as we do the 4 R's:-

  1. Remove,
  2. Repair,
  3. Replace and
  4. RESET

To find out more you can read about this here:- Heal Your Gut 30-Day Programme with Antonietta

All interlinked with Kinesiology tools.

I love these experiences, my clients love it and I hope you would like to experience it too. :)


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