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Australian Institute of Kinesiologists Ltd

Purpose The Institute is established for the purposes set out below: To promote and foster the understanding of all Accredited Modalities of Kinesiology To promote and foster the sharing of knowledge and ideas between practitioners of Accredited Modalities of Kinesiology; To formulate, accredit and publish uniform standards for Kinesiology practice and use these standards to facilitate the development and management of Kinesiology; To work towards recognition of the role of Kinesiology; To work towards the official recognition of Kinesiology by government as a recognized branch of the health and healing profession; and To work towards improved health and the relief of sickness and suffering within the Commonwealth of Australia. AIK Ltd National Executive (NE) Board Positions 2022 PRESIDENT Verona Gibson SECRETARY, MO AND RTO COORDINATOR Sherill Taylor ASSISTANT SECRETARY Coleen McClymans MINUTE SECRETARY Bruce Margetic TREASURER Sharon Maguire INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS Elena Vyatchinova COURSE ACCREDITATION BOARD SUPPORT Amy Kinkel AIK Ltd Administration A part-time registrar supports and assists the National Executive undertaking the administration and membership management roles within the organisation. Marisol Serafin ACTING REGISTRAR Marisol Serafin


The AIK Ltd., known as 'The Institute', is a democratic and open organization that has been developed to represent Kinesiology and service Kinesiologists and Kinesiology practitioners throughout Australia.

Having been established in 1998, 'The Institute' is represented nationally by members in every state across Australia.

The Institute focuses on:

Providing membership benefits to all members and Kinesiology practitioners;
Strengthening and ensuring Kinesiology is one of the vital complementary therapies in Australia;
Maintaining professional, educational and training standards for Kinesiology in Australia;
Providing industry leadership policies and initiatives for the betterment of Kinesiology and Kinesiology practitioners;
Safeguarding the interest of Kinesiology and Kinesiology practitioners throughout Australia.

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