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Canadian Association of BioEnergetic Wellness

As a not-for-profit Association, our purpose is to serve and support our members in pursuit of knowledge and skill development; provide regular networking opportunities for members – sharing information, ideas, resources and inspiration; set Standards of Practice for bioenergetic wellness throughout Canada; promote and inform the public about their opportunities to choose and include bioenergetic wellness in personal quality of life choices. advocate for bioenergetic wellness to ensure choice for all Canadians – at provincial and federal levels of government; and collaborate with other bioenergetic wellness organizations (‘Partner Organization’).


Our Mission:
As champions for personal choice in health and wellness, our members work together, encouraging ongoing professional development in the field of BioEnergetic Wellness, to better provide services and education to the public.
Our Vision:
Creating a world where bioenergetic wellness disciplines and methods are recognized, valued, and utilized by people making choices to improve their quality of life.


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