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Emma Acquarone

  • 1997 - Environmental Engineer graduated from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) in Lyngby, Denmark..
  • 2014 - Brain Kinesiologist graduated from IAK -Forum International in Kirchzarten, Germany.
  • Since 2012 own kinesiology practice in Tübingen, Germany. www.kinesiologie-acquarone.de
  • Instructor in Joint anchor Technique www.jointanchortechnique.org, Touch for health, Brain Gym
  • Using the following modalities: Leap, NK, AP, SIPS, JAT, VHS, Rado, TFH, Edu-K, NST
  • Co-owner of the online business consulting services for kinesiologists www.besuccessful.me
  • IASK board Secretary since 2018


  • I am working in my practice "in presence" but also treating long distance, or online. Just get in touch if you are interested!


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