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Germaine Byrne

Kinergetics® Kinesiology RESET TMJ®

Kinergetics® Kinesiology & RESET TMJ® Kinesiology.

Modalities used: Kinergetics ® Kinesiology, RESET TMJ®, Kinergetics ® Balancing Nutrition & Toxicity (BNT), Touch For Health (TFH), APEC Kinesiology, Wellness Kinesiology, BioKinesiology, Neuroenergetic Kinesiology, Simply The Brain.

Certified in: Australian Bush Flowers, Aura Soma, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Life Coach, Hypnosis, NST, Homeopathy.

Modalities taught: Kinergetics® Kinesiology Introduction, Kinergetics® Kinesiology Units 1-6,

Kinergetics® Kinesiology Master Classes 1& 2, RESET TMJ® 1-3, Kinergetics® Balancing Nutrition & Toxicity (BNT),

Kinergetics® Sports Kinesiology, Kinergetics® Vibrational Healing Tools.

Visit https://www.kinergetics-reset.com/ for more information.


Germaine attends Kinesiology conferences and events to present and advertise Kinergetics® Kinesiology and RESET TMJ® workshops to Kinesiology practitioners worldwide.

She is a practicing Kinesiologist and is the Assistant Instructor of all Kinergetics® Kinesiology & RESET TMJ® workshops to Philip Rafferty.
With Kinesiology, Germaine can combine her additional qualifications and interests which include Homeopathy, NLP, Hypnosis, Life Coaching and NST.

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