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Rachel Lead

I feel truly honoured to Love what I do…and do what I Love, i.e. work with people using Touch For Health/Kinesiology.
Learning about TFH changed my life…and people loved the changes that this work brought to them…
I use TFH/Kinesiology at my practice in Stradbroke, Suffolk, UK, guiding people to use the self-responsibility model to empower themselves. I also love teaching students to help them use TFH and in turn help others. As John F.Thie, DC said, ‘passing the light along’…
I discovered TFH many years ago in 1993 when I was working as a massage therapist, and became an IKC Instructor in 1995, and completed my Professional Kinesiology training that year too. It is always a special joy to me when I train students to TFH Proficiency level.
I attended Oxford Brookes University and gained my teaching certificate in 2010 to help further my teaching skills, i.e. as an Assessor and Mentor.
I still am amazed by how TFH can turn people’s lives around, and my quest for learning, and teaching as many students as I can continues…

Modalities Used: Touch for Health, Professional Kinesiology - Perceptual Bodywork, Creative Kinesiology, Massage/BodyKwork, Reflexology, Rhythmic Movement International. 5 Element Posture Reflexes

Modalities Taught: Touch for Health 1 - 4. Touch for Health Proficiency. Touch For Health Metaphors.

TFH Hangout Facilitator
Professional Kinesiology Teacher, Assessor, Mentor

Member of Kinesiology Federation UK, IASK, LCSP Register, CNHC


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