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Sabine Educations

We give in depths courses to build your business and skills on your clinic even more. We want to provide ideas and services to kinesiologist practitioners that already are in the business as well for you who are longing for a meaningful and rewarding profession.


Our worldwide online courses


These courses aim to give you deeper knowledge about inner organ systems, both in the western physiological and also in the eastern TCM Qi level perspective. We want kinesiologists to feel “safer” by beyond having great kinesiologists’ skills also be sure to have deeper knowledge in different areas so it is easier to grow and expand the clinic. Examples of some of our favorite courses has the theme of:


  • Allergies (immune system)
  • Infertilities (hormone system)
  • Complex pain (movement system)
  • Anxiety and stress (nervous system)


We also provide inspirational and profitable mentor courses, to build the skills of running a successful kinesiology clinic.


Voccational kinesiology training


Of course, we have a full vocational training to become a kinesiologist, and if you are in Sweden, please check out the website for more inspiration of it.



Opening hours Monday-Friday 8-00-16.00


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