Anne Jensen, Board Member, Australia

Why am I active in IASK?

After I began including muscle testing techniques in my chiropractic practice, I noticed that patient outcomes improved impressively! In other words: people got better – and mopre importantly: they stayed better! This intrigued me. I soon got the sense that muscle testing was one of the biggest strengths of my practice – because I could now pinpoint the source of people’s problems quickly, easily and accurately. But I also knew that it was one of the biggest weaknesses too – because there was very little research to substantiate it. So, I started to do some research of my own – in my practice. This led me to doing a DPhil (PhD) at Oxford University on the accuracy and precision of muscle testing – with very encouraging results (read some of my results here and here).

Because of my research, I have been very fortunate to meet kinesiologists from all over the world – many of whom are actively involved in IASK. When they asked me to join the Board, I jumped at the chance. This would give me an opportunity to continue to help legitimise muscle testing, so that it can enjoy its rightful designation as a useful and powerful tool in many facets of life. I am delighted to be serving as an IASK Board Member and I look forward to connecting and collaborating with so many like-minded practitioners! Feel free to reach out to me!

About me as a kinesiologist and my business.

Aside from my research interests, I have been a clinical practitioner for over 30 years – first as chiropractor and now also as a psychologist – and I use muscle response testing in my practices every day! I wouldn’t be without it!

I think of myself as a forward-thinking healer – who also happens to have a PhD from Oxford. My diverse background in physical health, applied kinesiology, psychology, yoga and sports performance has given me a wonderful appreciation of the importance of the relationship between mind and body.

Through this broad background, my empathic ability, my sense of curiosity and my common sense, I developed HeartSpeak, a unique and empowering stress-reduction tool. Accordingly, my passion is helping people who are suffering with physical and / or emotional pain, related to past stress or trauma, transform into happy, healthy and vital individuals once again!

In addition to offering HeartSpeak seminars, events and courses, speaking at conferences and continuing my clinical research, I maintain a private practice consulting with people from around the world on mind body wellness.

“Life is not merely about being alive – it is about being well.”  – Marcus Aurelius
My passion is mind body wellness – and I help people get well as quickly and as efficiently as possible! This is why I believe that muscle response testing is such an important tool – and I wouldn’t be without it!”