Cup of Coffee Catchup

Here we have a collection of previous Cup of Coffee meetings for you to have a look at and catchup on what was covered in previous meetings

CoC June 2024: Kinesiology and the Ancient Connection with Amy Choi

CoC Mar 2024: Open Points and Spirit Points of the Emperor – Ondrej Bursik

CoC Feb 2024: Self-Knowledge with the I Ching of Behaviour – Francesca Simeon

CoC Nov 2023: Balancing the Vagus Nerve  – Lee-Anne MacLeod

CoC Oct 2023: The power of music to energize and release tension – Michelle Greenwell

CoC Sept 2023: EMMETT Technique – Heidi Johnson

CoC June 1, 2023: “Anxiety” with Irina Chobanu

CoC May 2023  – Sleep Better Now System™ – Wes Paterson

CoC April 6, 2023: “Female hormone system, sharing”  with Sabine Rosén

CoC March 2, 2023: “Heal your gut” with Antonietta Bowles

CoC March 2022: Working with Clients Issues – Emma Aquarone

CoC Oct 2019: Cup of Coffee with Arik Xander

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