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Australian Kinesiology Association Inc.

The Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA) was founded as a national organisation in 1986 as the original body within the kinesiology industry.  The AKA is a formally constituted organisation.  It sets the benchmark for practitioner standards, thus is acknowledged by government bodies in setting industry standards and qualifications; thereby offering a level of professionalism expected from any health professional body.  

As a national Kinesiology body, the AKA represents the professional interests of Kinesiology practitioners and instructors, as well as the personal interests of students and the public.  All AKA members must abide by the AKA Constitution and By-Laws, Code of Practice, Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics.  AKA Mission Statement "Through a philosophy of ongoing development and the promotion of our members, we enhance the knowledge and acceptance of Kinesiology in the public arena".

AKA Vision Statement

The vision of the Australian Kinesiology Association Inc. is to provide a platform of high standards of kinesiology that practitioners, the public and the government can rely upon. As an industry association we strive to lead in educating and gaining community acceptance of kinesiology as an outstanding health modality for all.

For membership enquiries please contact the AKA via email: enquiries@aka.asn.au

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