Emma Acquarone, Vice President, Germany

Why am I active in IASK?

For me being connected internationally is like breathing! Like I cannot imagine my life without kinesiology, I cannot imagine a life limited to one country. As kinesiologists connecting among countries is of extreme importance, especially now that the world seems to be focussing internally. We need a broader horizon. Let’s keep talking, sharing and meeting up!

About me as a Kinesiologist and my business.

I originally trained as an environmental engineer, then moved to Germany where I gave in to my passion for kinesiology. I have a formal training in “Kinesiology of the Brain” from the IAK in Kirchzarten (Germany), and combines working in my practice with giving seminars and presentations. I am also the co-manager or a Kinesiology institute called AK-Chiron (Reutlingen), and am a TFH, BG and Joint Anchor Technique instructor.

Kinesiology modalities: Applied Physiology, Neuroenergetic Kinesiology, LEAP, Integrated Physiology, Joint Anchor Technique, Vibrational Healing Systems, SIPS, Touch for Health, Edu-K.

“I cannot imagine my life without kinesiology. What a blessing it was back then to have “found” it! I love spreading the K word and love being a part of a creative, fun and international group like IASK!”