Heidi Johnson, Australia

Why am I active in IASK

For me networking is essential in the day and age we live in. What better way to connect with like minded people than to be part of a community like IASK. Kinesiology is such a diverse field and includes so many talented and beautiful people. I’m here to help others network as well and further develop and grow their skills.

About me as a kinesiologist and my business

Born and raised in KwaZulu Natal in South Africa, I grew up loving animals and the outdoors and what nature had to offer us as humans. My late Grandmother was Doctor of Homeopathy and Osteopathy. I loved her passion for holistic and complementary medicines, and as I grew older, I too found I had a love for these modalities and what they had to offer.

In 2017 I started my Kinesiology journey with Touch For Health and then continued on to study Neuro-training, Emotional Kinesiology and Equine Energy Medicine. In 2019 my thirst for knowledge and skill saw me studying the EMMETT technique, for horses, humans and dogs.

I started my own practice when we moved to Australia in 2019, combining Kinesiology and EMMETT Technique. Intune Animals & Humans – Holistic therapies used to bring the body back into equilibrium, on a Mental, Emotional and Physical level.

I’m currently the Chairman of the ASKSA KZN branch in South Africa and instructor teaching EMMETT 4 Horses and Dogs in both Australia and South Africa.



“I am passionate about helping both humans and animals achieve their optimal health and well-being status! Kinesiology plays an integral part in the process!”