Kate North, Board Member, UK

Why am I active in IASK?

It is becoming increasingly easy to connect in our world and it is important that as a profession, we have conversations that help us connect, learn and grow. IASK helps to open up conversations between kinesiologists on an international level. I choose to be part of those conversations so that we can grow together and learn from each other.

About me as a Kinesiologist and my business.

Kate North has a medical background in Occupational Therapy and has studied several different alternative health practices before specialising in Kinesiology.  The focus of her work is on mental and emotional health, and stress related physical conditions and she enjoys exploring the stories, emotions and life experiences that impact on people’s health and unconsciously direct their reactions and choices.

Kinesiology Modalities: Touch for Health, NeuroTraining & Neural Organisational Technique form the base of my work with many other courses woven in-between.

“IASK has introduced me to some amazing kinesiologists all over the world. When a client has family or friends that live in another country, it is easy to find a good referral through IASK’s online directory or the wonderful people that I have met at the conferences and International Meeting of Associations.”