Lee-Anne MacLeod, Vice President, Western Australia

Why am I active in IASK?

About me as a Kinesiologist and my business.

Specialist Kinesiologist Level 6 AKA (Australia). Lee-Anne’s vision, innovativeness and ability to initiate, think laterally and complete tasks with precision and inclusiveness, is a rare and valued combination of skills for any individual or organisation.

Founder and Director of Natural Quantum Healing NQH and Neuro-K Neuro Kinesiology
Retired President – Australian Kinesiology Association and Brain Gym Australia
Passionate Kinesiology clinician and is beginning to now teach and share her life’s work as International Diplomas in Natural Quantum Healing and Neuro-K Kinesiology.

Starting her Professional life as an international Ballerina gave Lee-Anne a deep appreciation of the human body, its abilities and energies not easily explained by science. She then ran a successful Dance college (J.S. Dance College) teaching classical ballet and performance in a way that ensured students bodies were respected and not damaged by the training. Lee-Anne felt very drawn to the healing arts and in particular, felt like she had come home in encountering Kinesiology.

Lee-Anne has studied Kinesiology since 1998.  Travelling the world, with a passion for learning, she’s been privileged to learn from the founders of most Kinesiology Modalities. With this depth of study, she’s integrated her life and technical skills with many other health modalities. Her acquired   expansive knowledge base combined with her 30 years of clinical research, plus her passion for new and improved systems has led Lee-Anne to develop NeuroK, (Neuro Kinesiology). To date NeuroK has been taught exclusively to classes of specialist medical Doctors in Asia. NeuroK is an integrative healing system that makes sense in any language and is applicable with all skill levels including students.

“I’m passionate about my clinical work, learning, research and taking Kinesiology to the world. If we all share our skills by empowering others, the world will be a healthier, happier and more consciously aware place. What an exciting world we live in!”