Boardmember Lydia Bose Germany

Why am I active in IASK?

The international conferences or courses were for a long time the only possibilities to be connect to the kinesiologist round the world. I am so happy to be with IASK in the middle of wonderful kinesiologists, who has the same passion of kinesiology. Easily we are able to share information or to meet new kinesiologists in one of IASK´s Webinars.

About me as a Kinesiologist and my business.

Modalities used: Kinesiology & Nature Coaching

Modalities taught: Brain Gym, Optimal Brain Organization, 7-Dimensions of Intelligence, Touch For Health, Metaphor & goal setting in TFH, Stress Release, Energy Psychology

Other qualifications: German Heilpraktiker- Natural Healer, Phytology – Soul of herbs, MBSR Teacher

  • Own 3 Level/years Kinesiology Training, Curriculum cert by DGAK
  • Train./workshops in well-known institutes
  • Supervision and practice
  • Executive board DGAK

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