Board member Nicolette Peyre France

Why am I active in IASK

About me as a kinesiologist, my business

Initially trained as a Conference interpreter, she came to Belgium to work as a free-lance interpreter for the European Commission in 1989.
IASK member since 1994 and active in the Board since 2000.

Kinesiology Modalities : One Brain (3 in 1 Concepts), Touch for Health, Edu-K, Applied Physiology, SIPS, Blueprint (Educating Alternatives), Systemic Kinesiology.

Although used to go to international meetings as an interpreter, I was new to friendly informal gatherings and have been enjoying every minute of it. With a team of Board members who are motivated and productive as well as warm and having a good sense of humour, I find working for IASK highly gratifying! I look forward to getting to know you at the next Conference.