Phil Clubley, UK

Why am I active in IASK?

I joined the IASK board because kinesiology is important to me. To connect with, support and learn from colleagues on an international platform is a wonderful opportunity.

About me as a Kinesiologist and my business.

I have been a kinesiologist since 2009, choosing to learn this amazing therapy, as many others have, following my life changing work as a client and wanting to help other people. I work from a clinic in Yorkshire, UK, seeing clients in person and connecting online with those further afield. Some clients come for help with emotional and mental health issues which can have an impact on physical health and well-being and helping them to handle day to day life more effectively. Others come to deal with trauma related issues, spiritual and personal development or just to keep their bodies and energy systems maintained and in balance – I always advise people to have kinesiology when they are well, not just when they are unwell!

My original training was in Health Kinesiology (2007-09) and I have continued to expand my knowledge and personal development through further training, workshops and sessions.

I am registered with the Kinesiology Federation and was on the policy board for 5 years including 4 as Chair.

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“I believe we all have more potential to heal and move forward than we always have immediate access to. Working to remove blocks to this potential – through energy healing – and seeing people grow is why I love doing this work.”