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Asociación de profesionales de Kinesiología y TFH de España

In 1998 APKE organized the first international Kinesiology congress in Spain and in 2012 offered support for the second international Kinesiology congress.nIts main purposes and activities are:n• Promotion and dissemination of kinesiology as a method of self-awareness and an educational system that improves the quality of life.n• Provide and facilitate the development of a social and legal framework for the exercise and development of kinesiology.n• Offer a framework and function as an entity that brings together those who practice kinesiology, both as consultants, individual sessions, teachers or instructors. Supporting its dissemination through: talks, conferences, workshops, courses, seminars.nSectorial affiliates to APKE:n• Association of Instructors and Practitioners of Educational Kinesiology - Brain Gym of Spain.n• Kinesiology of Behavior and Human Relationships.n• Professionals of Complementary, natural or alternative Therapies.n• RMTi Rhythmic Movement International.nThe Association is a network for all those who work or enjoy Kinesiology as a valid personal growth system and acts as a federation integrating different modalities, methodologies and disciplines within kinesiology, contemplating the holistic and global vision of well-being and health.

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